It’s all about bags... Gaëlle Paris

The world of bags is a fascinating and varied universe, combining functionality and style in a single essential accessory.
Bags are an integral part of anyone’s wardrobe, as well as powerful style and status statements.

The choice is therefore often meticulous.
Ranging from large tote bags, perfect for everyday use, to refined evening clutches, symbol of elegance and refinement, including hand bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and shoulder bags.
From the neutral tones of beige and white to the extraordinary variety of colors

Each bag tells a story, reflecting the personality and style of the wearer,
remaining a central element in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Discover the entire collection here

With such a wide range, there is a bag for every style and occasion, choose yours!

It’s all about bags... Gaëlle Paris

Green Vibes: the latest colour trends for summer 2024

Green Vibes: THE LATEST COLOUR TRENDS for summer 2024

 Cedar green is a vibrant shade that evokes freshness, vitality and nature.
This vibrant color is an excellent choice to add a touch of interest and dynamism to your wardrobe.
Let’s find out who of our beloved fashion bloggers chose cedar green for their outfits and how they matched them.

GIULIA DE LELLIS wears Gaëlle Paris


Giulia De Lellis has no doubts.
For her it is a total look in the shade of cedar green.
In love with this color, it leaves no room for second thoughts.
Shirt and short green cedar as diktat.

CRISTINA BUCCINO wears Gaëlle Paris


Cristina Buccino chose colour combinations instead.
The green cedar remains the protagonist even if combined with neutral shades such as white or gray. 
The accessory of the same color as the queen of style.
A touch of color for a simple but never obvious elegance.
How would you match him? 

Total White: timeless brightness

The white color, with its ability to reflect light, gives brightness to the face and radiates brilliance.
Wearing a total white suit helps to create a fresh and light look, particularly suitable for warm seasons.

Be inspired by our looks.

Erika Turcan

The total white, never banal, allows you to play with volumes, aximetric cuts and lengths.  

White, symbol of sophistication, is the perfect color for summer and, if used correctly, allows you to create a striking visual impact.
Whether it’s a white party, an event or a look to show off in the city total white is always the right choice!

Cristina Buccino

Whether it’s a white party, an event or a look to show off in the city total white is always the right choice!

SPECIAL DRESSES: Free the Gaëlle style that is in you.

Whether it’s a wedding, a gala party or a formal event, choosing the PERFECT DRESS is crucial to feeling confident and extraordinary

From classic long evening dresses that enchant with their sinuous silhouette, to sophisticated cocktail dresses that add a touch of vivacity, the options are endless.

Let us not forget the importance of DETAILS.
The right ACCESSORIES can turn a simple dress into a masterpiece of style.

SHOES ADDICTED: Get off the heels with style with the new collection Gaëlle Paris

Also this season the SNEAKER is confirmed once again among the MUST-HAVE items of your wardrobe. 

Whether it is white or colored, minimal or with a reference to the running shoe, 
Getting out of heels, again this season, will be a style choice


Gaëlle Paris embraces the unmistakable style of DENIM and makes it shine

The ICONIC DENIM continues to evolve and reinvent itself season after season.
In its Spring Summer 2024 collection, Gaëlle Paris celebrated the timeless versatility of denim with an eclectic selection of garments that embody a fresh and youthful spirit.
From classic skinny jeans to oversized denim jackets and mini skirts.
In this article, we present the key pieces of the denim collection, taking inspiration and inspiration on how to create flawless looks that will make you shine in every occasion.

A total look in denim embellished with allover rhinestones that will give a touch of glamour and light to your outfit.

Giacca Camicia In Denim Con Strass AlloveR

Pantalone Straight In Denim Con Strass Allover

Whether it’s a casual outing or a more elegant occasion, this look will adapt to different occasions.

Welcome Spring with Gaëlle Paris. Let’s get started!

This season, Gaëlle Paris promises to bring freshness and authenticity to her Spring/Summer 2024 collection also through the figure of Chiara Scelsi, 
that embodies the spirit of contemporary fashion.

Its ability to convey authenticity and elegance is what makes it the ideal choice to represent the SS24 collection by Gaëlle Paris.

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection by Gaëlle Paris is a tribute to the beauty of everyday life, a harmonious mix of style and functionality that celebrates the unique essence of every woman.
With attention to detail and sensitivity to colors, this collection captures the essence of the Gaëlle Paris woman and her unique vision of fashion.

Gaëlle Paris continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary fashion, expressing her individuality through the power of style and creativity.
Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the meeting of two fashion icons.

Discover the SS24 collection by Gaëlle Paris, worn by Chiara Scelsi and designed for all women who embrace the beauty of their everyday life with style and determination.
Buy now and redefine your style.


Gaëlle presents the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: A Celebration of Beauty

We are excited to announce the launch of the all-new Gaëlle Paris Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, a tribute to the beauty of everyday life and the versatility of modern elegance. 
With an eye to detail and a sensitivity to the play of colors, the new collection embodies the dynamic spirit of the Gaëlle woman, celebrating her unique essence through fashion items that mix style and functionality.
The merchandise proposal is developed with dresses and complementary garments in jersey and gabardine, giving freshness and versatility to this dynamic season.
The heterogeneous prints are Gaëlle’s distinctive signature, ranging from the iconic spotted to new proposals of floral nature. Flowers, stripes, polka dots, feathers and spots blend in a dynamic and contemporary mix, creating moving works of art that give the collection a unique and unrepeatable character.
The merchandise proposal is divided into three separate cabinets, each designed to reflect different facets of the taste of Gaëlle. The first wardrobe is a hymn to contrast in black and white, enriched by beams of vivid cedar green light, giving a touch of glam-rock that catches the eye and enchants the eyes.
Join us in this extraordinary adventure to discover the daily beauty reinterpreted through the eyes of Gaëlle.
The new Spring/Summer 2024 Collection will be available from Monday, February 19.
Ready to transform every day into an opportunity to express your unique and unmistakable style?

Celebrate Love! On Valentine’s Day give away the Gaëlle Paris Exclusive Bags

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.
It’s the perfect time to celebrate that overwhelming emotion that unites us, This year, let yourself be inspired by the magic of love and give a touch of elegance and style with the exclusive Gaëlle bags.
Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to show our affection and appreciation for those who hold a special place in our hearts.
Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your partner, for a special friend or to pay tribute to yourself and your love of fashion, Gaëlle bags are an amazing option that combines functionality, style and sophistication.
Gaëlle bags embody the timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship that make them a symbol of refinement and taste. From the classic and clean silhouette to bold style statements, each bag is designed to capture the essence of contemporary fashion, offering an accessory that complements every outfit with class and personality.
Whether you prefer a versatile shoulder bag for your city days or a spacious maxi bag for your daily adventures, the Gaëlle bag collection offers a wide variety of styles, colors and materials to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect gift for every occasion.
This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love with a touch of glamour and sophistication.
With the exclusive Gaëlle bags, you can express your affection in a unique and memorable way, giving not only a fashion accessory, but a tangible symbol of the special bond you share with those you love.
Discover the new collection of Gaëlle Paris bags and let yourself be conquered by the art of beauty and style.
Share the love this Valentine’s Day, with Gaëlle.

SALE Fall - Winter: are you ready? Discover your favourite clothes

It’s January 5th and the Fall - Winter 2023/2024 sales are here. 
Take advantage of 30% DISCOUNTS to redo your wardrobe. 
Take advantage of the discounts to give you that gift that did not arrive at Christmas. 
Immerse yourself in the Gaëlle Paris collection and find the inspiration you were looking for to face the coming months in style.

Chic inspirations for an amazing year-end. Start with style

What outfits to wear on New Year’s Eve 2023? 
Find your inspiration among the looks proposed by Gaëlle Paris. 
Reinvent yourself, mix and bring out your unique style.




The most coveted gift from every woman

Are you looking for a gift idea that can surprise her? 
In the world bags Gaëlle Paris you will be spoiled for choice. 
Among iconic models and new trends. 
Between timeless colors and new shades. 
Between jewel details and clean lines. 
The Gaëlle Paris bag is the gift that everyone wants.

A Gift Guide for Man by Gaëlle Paris

Gaëlle Paris has drawn up the guide of the SPECIAL GIFTS FOR MAN.
Are you wondering what to give a man? 
Here is our list of Christmas gifts for him.




Best Christmas Gift Guide for Woman

The search for the perfect gift has already begun. 
Whether it’s a unique gift for your partner, an affectionate thought for a family member or a surprise for a friend,
here we have selected for you the perfect gifts. 
Small gestures of great style!
Accessories that embellish the look of every woman with taste, style and elegance. 

To each his own style, to each his own gift. 
Do not miss the opportunity to make unique and magical this Christmas!

The best looks for the holidays, to be elegant on every occasion

Whether it’s a home dinner or a Christmas party, 
elegance, sobriety, charm and refinement will certainly be the undisputed protagonists of your choices. 



Black Friday is here!

BLACK FRIDAY 2023 has arrived!
This is your chance. 
To dress of BLACK will be the whole WEEKEND.
You only have until Monday, November 27th. 
But don’t wait, your head of desires might sell out. 

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By registering, you will get an additional 10% welcome discount. 
3,2,1... give yourself a gift!
Only until Monday 27 November!

Chiara Biasi chooses Gaëlle Paris and her pied de Poul style

Dinner or happy hour in sight and little time for a change of look after work?Be inspired by the Gaëlle Paris outfit chosen by Chiara Biasi.
The style icon wanted to express all its charm through an indisputable style choice.The timeless houndstooth will always be the right choice and it was also for Chiara Biasi who selected 3 garments in style.
Let’s find out together what

The soft lines of the poncho and cropped top have been designed to wrap with delicacy.
The leggings like a second skin, will give you a casual-chic style.

Gaëlle Paris has designed for this season autumn/winter 2023 pieces in patterned pied de Poul versatile and easy to mix as you prefer with items already weighing in your wardrobe.
What are you waiting for? Choose the must-have garment that will save your every outfit in every occasion! 

Black Friday with Gaëlle Paris Fall-Winter Collection

The most awaited period of the year for all fashion lovers is just around the corner. 
November has arrived and also this year has brought with it the long-dreamed Black Friday! 

All ready to seize every opportunity.
But a lot of people are wondering when it’s Black Friday
The date on the calendar is November 24.
To buy the trendy garment that is still missing in your wardrobe.
To make yours that coat you’ve been dreaming about since the beginning of the season.
To anticipate some Christmas gifts.
Take advantage of Black Friday discounts and offers.

Here is a small selection of MUST-HAVE items for her:

And for the man who wants to give a touch of orginality and style to his wardrobe what better occasion than the BLACK FRIDAY, to enrich your wardrobe with jeans and pants, jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and jackets
And don’t forget to complete your outfit with the accessory that best reflects your style.  

Whatever your need, the password is SAVE YOUR MONEY.
Visit our online shopo, add your favorite products to the Gaëlle Paris wishlist
and do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter...exclusive offers, start from there!

Trick or Chic in Gaëlle Paris Style for an enigmatic Halloween!

Halloween lovers but not disguises?
Gaëlle Paris offers many ideas for your Halloween party without meeting the style that distinguishes you. 
Black will certainly be the only color you will wear but Gaëlle Paris has been able to give the iconic total black a touch of innovation, light...and mystery. 
Whether you’ve been sent to a private party at home by friends or to a party at a club it’s time to choose your look!
Among velvets, leather, sequins and semi-transparencies, Gaëlle Paris has thought for you a little dark Halloween look.
A must heel and the choice of the perfect make up. 

Opt for a total look with precious details, ideal for Halloween night
and as a glamorous alternative to be reused in a chic key.

Opt for simple, refined garments with clean lines for an enigmatic elegance. 

Body Long Sleeve Lace Black

Jeans Boy In denim Black

Choose your favorite denim and match it with the bold transparent jersey or the empire-style jersey.

Outerwear Gaëlle Paris: which to choose and how to wear them.

The late autumn brings with it the thrill of the cold winter air, which every year confronts us with the dilemma of which outerwear to choose.
Among jackets, down jackets, coats, ponchi, bomber jackets, furs and the inevitable nail.
Essential in our wardrobe, they can often prove to be a complex choice.
Discover together the MUST-HAVE by Gaëlle Paris


A timeless classic that continues to be widely appreciated
despite the evolution of fashion trends over the years that have taught us to match the coat playing between elegance, sophistication and class.

From the iconic total black coat, worn with classic shirt and trousers for a sophisticated and formal look, through the warmer tones of the earth
to match as you like.

Red for strong and overwhelming personalities,
 perfect if combined with your favorite jeans.



Whether it is black or spotted, with clean lines or embellished with details and studs, the result of sophisticated refinement that distinguishes men and women
Gaëlle Paris, the nail 
He’s the one who will always have a place in our wardrobe.



Go for whatever you want.
The nail knows no bounds.
With t-shirts and sporty trousers for a more casual look or with black shirt and trousers for a more elegant look.
How would you match him?

Must-Haves for a Gaëlle Paris Dream Wardrobe

Autumn has come and with it the opportunity to express its elegance through a wardrobe with attention to detail.
The winter collection by Gaëlle Paris is an ode to sophistication, offering a selection of must-haves that not only face the cold with style, but turn each item into a fashion icon.
Let’s find out together what are the key items that can not miss in the winter wardrobe for him and her.

Coats that embrace elegance for her and for him
The right coat is not just an item of clothing; it is an embrace of warmth and style. Gaelle Paris offers a range of coats that stand out for their impeccable cuts and the use of fine materials.
From the classic cashmere coat to the ultralight down jacket, each piece is designed to offer comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.
Face the cold with enveloping elegance.

Sweaters and Pullovers for her and him: the warmth of refinement
On colder days, nothing outweighs the feeling of being wrapped in a high-quality sweater. The Gaëlle Paris winter collection offers a variety of sweaters and pullovers that embody the warmth of sophistication.
Soft fabrics and sophisticated details transform these garments into Must-Have to face winter with style.
Soft and light fabrics and sophisticated details give a touch of style to every garment.
From wraparound turtlenecks to delicately elusive oversize, each sweater is designed to enhance the wearer’s natural beauty and grace.

Shoes that make a difference for men and women
Gaëlle Paris revolutionizes winter footwear, offering boots and shoes that combine functionality and elegance.
From the amphibian to the chic loafers for her to the sneakers for him, each pair is designed to walk with confidence and style on any terrain.
Wear the right footwear and leave a fashion footprint wherever you go.

Accessories: the Final Touch of Style for her and for him
Accessories are the key to customize your winter look.
The soft scarves, fashionable hats and matching gloves from the Gaëlle Paris collection are details that make the ordinary extraordinary.
Face the cold with a touch of class that makes all the difference.

Bags: The Art of Completing the Look
Complete your winter look with matching bags that express your distinctive personality.
The bags of the Gaëlle Paris collection are not only practical accessories, but real luxury statements that add consistency and refinement to your outfit.

Evening dresses for her and him: Enchants in Every Occasion
Winter is the holiday season, and the Gaëlle Paris collection has the perfect answer with evening dresses that celebrate the occasion in style.
Show off the timeless elegance in every holiday, capturing the eyes with clothes that are true masterpieces of fashion.
Garments designed to be combined with each other and become the ultimate expression of style.

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